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An Anchored Life Offers Hope

An anchor holds a boat in place when the vessel needs to pause. An anchor can also be used to help slow a boat down when it needs help coming to a stop.

As humans we can use our muscles to pause our body. But our mind frequently needs help slowing down! We can use anchors to help our mind pause.

My life’s work is to help humans pause.

I help clients slow down, evaluate their course, and move forward again with clarity.

Pausing allows us to bring our body, mind, and spirit to the present moment where healthy alignment can naturally occur. Once we are aligned our natural health and intuition flow freely.

I teach mindful anchors through meditation, yoga and wellness coaching programs. Clients discover their favorite ways to feel present, grounded and calm.

Do I Really Want to Feel Anchored?!

The symbol of an anchor might seem heavy. Aren’t we happier when we surf through life or coast with ease?!

Sure, catching wind in our sails moves us forward! We DO want to coast through the life we dream up and manifest.

But if we continuously sail, ignoring the inner tug to stop and evaluate our path, we are running from our truth.

An anchor helps us to slow down, reflect and redirect. Clients who live an anchored life sail off again with renewed energy, greater insight, and clear direction.

The Anchor as a Symbol of Hope

Anchors have come into my life and offered me love, stability and hope...

  • I grew up learning to sail, row, and canoe on a small pond. I loved that pond, and my home! As I sailed off into my career, I chose a life of service that unexpectedly required me to move from state to state. I let go of my familiar shores. I’ve had to create anchors to steady myself in an unusually uprooted life. I learned to moor a boat as a child, and now create the same safe landing point I need in each new community.

  • As a Rhode Island native I love our state symbol that bears an anchor and the simple word, “Hope.” Hope has fueled my long journey with chronic illness. I have persevered for more than 25 years through medical and holistic worlds on my quest to maintain well-being. Hope lights my path.

  • The photo shown here is an anchor from my grandfather – one of two brass anchor candlestick holders. He passed decades before I could meet him and hear the story about why he had these made. My grandmother gave these to me many years ago. I didn’t know then how much I would need to anchor the love of family into my being as I left home to travel new seas.

Meditation, yoga and mindful living have given me tools to navigate the challenges of my life. In dark days, on unfamiliar and scary shores, I’ve used mindful anchors to get present and calm the storms in my mind.

Each time I pause and connect with my spiritual anchors I feel steady. I feel hopeful. And in time, I feel ready to sail on with clarity.

Living an anchored life gives me hope. I am grateful to be able to share this hope with all of you.


Tell us how you live an anchored life. What do your practices offer you? Share your experiences in our classes with readers!

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