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Mindfulness Classes

Meditation at An Anchored Life

Join us for LIVE, group classes from any location! 

  • You will feel the difference between apps and a live class when Beth weaves your needs into class.

  • You'll appreciate the online experience when you don't have to drive home at the end of class

  *All classes are accessible to people who are new to mindful practices and experienced meditators.

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Menu of Classes

Wednesdays  at 8pm EST


Drop in any time. Register to attend and 

receive the Zoom recording for 7 days.

Mindfulness is the ancient practice of being present and observing life as it is – without judgment. To be mindful is to be aware. This Mindfulness Meditation class will build your muscles of awareness in a relaxing, rejuvenating way.


Why Try It?

Mindfulness is a remedy for the discomforts of stress, worry, hurry, pain, ailments, and feeling overwhelmed. If you are ready to ditch the modern hustle culture for a better quality of life, this class is for you.


Everyone is successful in this class! Beth offers self-paced exercises to make mindfulness accessible. Like any exercise we need to practice consistently to build muscles of focus, concentration, and awareness.


What’s It Like?

Our online class allows you to experience deep relaxation in your home. You get to wear your cozy clothes, sit in a comfortable seat, and calm your nervous system.


This Mindfulness Meditation class is based on Vedic traditions and will feel similar to a yoga class without the stretching. Classes have a familiar rhythm with a new topic each week as Beth applies mindfulness to daily living. All classes offer deep relaxation.


  • No experience is required, beginners are always welcome.

  • More advanced practitioners appreciate the variety of breath work, mudras and mantras.

  • Partners, children and pets are welcome to view the live class or the recording.


Beth leads trauma-aware classes, teaching in a way that encourages personal safety, choice, and empowerment for all participants.


Sign Me Up!

Make a reservation to attend the Live class and receive the Zoom recording to view in the following 7 days. Many people listen to the class 2-3 times in a week!

Fee: Single Classes $15, 4-Class Pass $56, 6-Class Pass $78, 8-Class Pass $96

What people are saying...

"Your meditation class is something stable to hold onto when everything else seems to be in flux and chaos.  It is a reliable source of good feelings each week, which are unfortunately scarce at this time.  Thank you.”

~ Christine, New York

"Beth is an amazing teacher/facilitator in this field. From the moment you hear her calm voice you are more at ease in your body. She is mesmerizing....

I came to the group with so much pain and after just one session I felt peaceful and pain free for that glorious half hour. It felt like 30 minutes of yoga relaxation and I was actually breathing deeply. The guided meditation is very grounding, and the focused attention detracts from your pain. I highly recommend trying this class if you want to learn some relaxation skills which keep you in the moment. What a gift!"

~ Sue L., Massachusetts


8pm Eastern

Next series:

May 2-June 6

Live class limited to 12 students.

Attend the Live class on Zoom and receive the Zoom link for 7 days.

We live in a culture that fuels stress.  Pressure exists within and around us.  This tension affects our physical, mental, and emotional health.


Fortunately, we can each handle a certain level of stress.  But when life events add more pressure to what we are already managing, we struggle. 


We can’t stop life from happening, but we can build our resilience and coping skills.


Our 6-week Signature Series offers tools to manage anxiety, stress, chronic pain, depression and distress.


Each week participants build skills that calm the body, quiet the mind, and ease the heart.  With consistent practice participants report feeling more consistent ease.


Classes include a variety of practices, including:

  • Grounding techniques

  • Breath work

  • Developing mental concentration

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Yoga mudras (figure & hand gestures)

  • Affirmations for a positive outlook

  • Mantra

  • Accessing intuitive healing wisdom


The effects are immediate.  For best results, practices are taught to be used regularly.  


The course is designed to be taken once or multiple times – each series is unique!  Most participants attend 2-3 sessions per year.


Conditions commonly addressed in this program include:

  • Chronic worry

  • Mind can’t slow down

  • Unfocused at work or home

  • Low self-esteem

  • Feeling blah about life, depression

  • Insomnia or difficulty going back to asleep

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Chronic pain (ALL pain lasting longer than 3-6 months)

  • Fibromyalgia

  • IBS and digestive pain

  • Chronic pelvic pain

  • Life with chronic medical conditions


Does this really work?

Yes! Research shows that mindfulness - practiced consistently - changes our response to stimuli. Beth leads practices that are deeply relaxing, broaden coping skills, and cultivate positive emotions. 

Class format: We discuss a weekly topic for 5-10 minutes, practice for 30 minutes, and reflect in Zoom Chat or verbally for 5 minutes.

Fee: Purchase a 6-Class Pass ($84) for this series.  Attending all 6 weeks is expected for optimal healing. Refunds will not be offered for missed classes.

Audience: Adults over the age of 16 are welcome to attend. Partners and family members are welcome to join you in this online class for no extra fee.  Younger children need to make other plans for the night, or attend our Wednesday evening Guided Meditation class with an adult

Introduction to 40-Day Meditation Practices


January 15

7:30pm Eastern

Inquire about our next session


Register to attend and receive the Zoom recording.

Invite a friend!

Undertaking a 40-day discipline of meditation is an ancient practice that offers certain transformation. 


We set an intention and commit to a daily practice of our choice: silent meditation, guided meditation, mantra meditation, walking meditation, or a personalized practice.


Does it really work?  Transformation is certain...what is unknown is HOW the transformation will manifest! Letting go of attachment to the outcome creates space for the miracles we need in our life.  A steady focus on a specific intention will eventually reveal the reason for the evolution we experience.


In this class you'll learn:

- Why we use 40 days as our foundation

- Tips for setting intentions 

- How structure creates change

- What happens if we miss a day? 

- A brief introduction to mantra and the use of mala beads 

- Resources of guided meditations


Beth has used 40-day mantra and meditation disciplines as the foundation of her personal practice since completing her yoga teacher training in 2005.  All of her classes are influenced by the results of her 40-day disciplines. These disciplines have been her greatest teachers and she is thrilled to offer this new workshop to share this practice.

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