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Professional Development & Private Sessions

An Anchored Life-12-04-2022_027.jpg
An Anchored Life-12-04-2022_027.jpg

Private Mindfulness Coaching

Set a course for your best life with sessions personalized to YOUR needs! Mindfulness Coaching helps people integrate calming practices into daily life to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, enhance health, lighten mood and improve relationships.


I will offer you breath work, mantras and anchors to the present in sessions that fit your schedule. Contact me prior to purchasing a Pass to create a private class plan to meet your needs.

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Professional Development
for Teams

I deliver personalized programs to meet the needs of groups, educational departments, and organizational teams.  


Experiencing mindful practices in a group normalizes human challenges (losing focus, screen burnout, lack of clear work/life boundaries).  My programs will rejuvenate your fatigued staff, relieve pain in remote workers, and inspire healthy living.

Contact me for a free 20 minute phone consultation to learn more. Programs I have offered include:

  • Office Yoga and Deeper Stillness

  • Mindful Practices for Managing Stress

  • Mindful Time Management

  • Stress & Pain Management for Virtual Teams

  • Mindful Student Leadership

An Anchored Life-12-04-2022_063.jpg
An Anchored Life-12-04-2022_133.jpg
An Anchored Life-12-04-2022_131.jpg

Private Meditation & Yoga Instruction

I have helped hundreds of clients reduce anxiety, alleviate depression, and ease stress with yoga and meditation.


Private meditation and yoga sessions offer the connection and time you need to learn new skills and feel safe in life-affirming practices. My training as a counselor and trauma-aware wellness professional support safe personal growth. Contact me to schedule a session.

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