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Local Support for
Ehlers Danlos Syndromes

Help Us Build a Local Provider Directory

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Welcome, "Maryland, DC and Virginia Ehlers-Danlos (and related conditions) Facebook Group."  This EDS support is for you!

As a Group member you need to help build our referral list of EDS and HSD aware providers by adding contact info below.


  • Add providers that *you CURRENTLY recommend* in the form. 

  • Gather all contact information prior to submitting your entry. We will each do a little work to make a BIG difference.  

The current Directory is pinned to the top of the Facebook Group.  New drafts are published twice a year.

The Directory e-form is here, on my website, for two reasons:

  • Gratitude: I am a person with hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS) and many co-morbidities. I offer this service in gratitude for all members who helped me find excellent providers.  

  • Service: As a mindful business owner I include community projects in my work. I'm happy to offer fellow Zebras this chance to collaborate and create something great together!

Note: This project is being conducted with our Group Admin's full involvement.  We are committed to providing a list created by PATIENTS and ask that you do not share this link with providers or people outside the area.

Thank you for contributing! 

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