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I’m Beth, your instructor and coach at An Anchored Life. I help people to listen to their true desires and live the life they desire. My clients feel calm, confident, and more at ease in body, mind, and heart.


You don't need to know what mindfulness can offer, you just need to feel curious and open to new tools for success!  Read on, or contact me to learn about our practices.

What is an anchored life?

We use anchors as a tool to pause on a journey. An anchor offers stability and connection. Anchors holds steady when the waves of life get stormy. Our confidence in our anchors gives us hope.


We anchor ourself in daily life we steady ourselves in the present moment. We feel calm, grounded and peaceful when we realign ourselves in body, mind and spirit. An Anchored Life is a life in which we consistently choose to pause, realign, then sail on through life.  We move forward with greater awareness and deep peace.



"Practicing yoga with Beth is a gift. Her group classes create a sense of community I haven’t found anywhere else.  Private sessions with her address my specific needs in real time and remind me of the many things I know help my body and my mind (but that forget to do on my own).  I feel lighter, calmer and more focused on the present moment when I finish a class with Beth."

Ashley G., New York, USA

"I had suffered for my entire life with severe anxiety and I was sure I had to be fixed.  Beth taught me to be present and truly believe I was already ok.  She made being in discomfort tolerable with her support and tenderness, and I now have confidence in myself that I never knew was possible."

Jessica, New York, USA​

"Beth's virtual meditations are the highlight of my week. Her voice is soothing, articulate and guiding. She invites us to join her, never tells us what to do. She invites us to set an intention and to share it with the class (or not). Her guided visualizations are impactful and different each week. Beth has become a Zoom expert and provides tips for us on how to best participate from home. I highly recommend Beth's classes for beginners and even 'experts.'"

Danielle, New York, USA

Sandy Beach

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