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What is An Anchored Life?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

An anchored life is a mindful way of navigating our life.

Like boats, we sail through the waves of life. If we sailed on, day after day, without rest or reflection, we would certainly grow weary. And we might miss something spectacular!

Pausing to anchor ourselves helps us notice the joy and beauty in life and increases our gratitude.

Have you ever…

· paused to see the sun rise or set?

· marveled at a rainbow?

· listened to the breezes blow through the trees?

· savored the sensation of warm beach sand beneath your feet?

If you can clearly recall the details of those outdoor experiences, you were focused and fully connected to the present moment. Moments of presence are the building blocks of a joyful life!

Sure, life is not all rainbows and sunshine…but it’s all rainstorms and dark clouds either. The present reveals the truth of life and strengthens our connection to what’s REALLY happening now.

In an anchored life we commit to be present. We stop worrying about the future and release ruminating on the past.

We pause and observe the present moment without judgment. The harsh voice of criticism inside us gets quiet, and our kinder voice of acceptance emerges.

Once we have refueled ourselves in the present we mindfully choose where to navigate next.

My meditation classes at An Anchored Life include…anchors! I teach a variety of anchoring practices to help even the busiest minds slow to the pace of the present moment and stay there for a while.

We use:

· Physical anchors – things we can feel or sense that help us be in the present

· Mental anchors – practices that steady our thoughts in the current moment

· Spiritual anchors – connections to what we value most

I invite you to join our live, group classes held weekly on Zoom. You’ll discover anchors that suit you. I can offer a more personalized experience in private sessions that include meditation, yoga, or wellness coaching on how to include mindfulness in your busy life.

Welcome to An Anchored Life! I look forward to supporting your journey!

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